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Are you confused by 777 Prayer Emphasis? When I ask fellow church members about the 777 prayer emphasis, some look at me confused. So I decided to explain it…. and then do it on the video to demonstrate. If you are still confused or need some help, check out this link. I will explain the prayer guide and actually do it with you!

Join with me in praying for the remaining days!

You can also download the printable version of the prayer guide by clicking here

As discussed in a previous post, our pastor has called us to a prayer challenge titled “777”.  The idea is to pray for seven minutes every day for seventy-seven days.  We are praying for seven specific requests. 

777 is an intentional congregation-wide prayer emphasis focusing on repentance and intercession. In several recent conversations with believers, there is a growing burden among some to engage in personal, consistent prayer and repentance over personal and national sin.  

  • Jesus said that His house is to be one of prayer. 
  • Jesus said we are to meet with the Father in our prayer closets, that is, a private place where we gather with the Father. 

Therefore, beginning August 17 to November 3 we are calling on the people of Field Street Baptist Church to engage in the 777 Prayer Emphasis: 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week, for 77 days, regarding 7 specific prayer requests. 

You don’t need to add songs as I did. If you feel more comfortable singing along, it is a great opportunity to add active worship to a moment of prayer and God’s time dedication. You can also replace the songs in this guide with your preferred hymns.

If you liked this video, thank you for sharing with friends and family to be together in one heart of prayer.


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