Chirstmas at Field Street
It's never too early to plan for Christmas! This year, at Field Street Baptist Church, we're planning a series of events to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Jason Crabb
Jason Crabb is coming to Field Street Baptist church to open the Christmas season and celebrate with us! As Christians, […]
In His Own Words
The most significant words come from the lips of our Lord! Join us at the "In His Own Words" concert and be moved by the grace of Christ's words.
Following the Worship Model in Isaiah
As Worship Leader and Music Minister, I try to keep in mind a Biblical pattern of worshipping God. A Worship Model I truly admire is Isaiah.
reading the Bible
We all need some encouragement from time to time. Reading the bible can give you important insights of faith you cannot miss.
777 prayer
Are you confused by 777 Prayer Emphasis? It only takes a few minutes. I will explain the prayer guide and actually do it with you!
Cover Lottie Moon and Dr. Rebekah Naylor
Field Street Baptist Church is very active in all levels of missions and certainly, International missionary efforts are an important […]
The story behind _I love to tell the story_ by Katherine Hankey
One of the figures I find interesting in our hymnal is Katherine Hankey, Did you know the story behind her?
777 payer emphasis
What is 777 Prayer Emphasis? Discover why and how to join us.
Heart of Worship
Sometimes we get so caught up in all the adornments of the corporate worship experience that we forget it’s all about Jesus.
Get Involved
Field Street Baptist Church Choir
Be Part of In His Own Words