Vintage Worship
These songs unite the body of Christ as they have for generations, joining the youngest and oldest of our congregation and everyone in between in worship.
Heather Sorenson
Initially recognized for her skill as a pianist, Heather is now known for her compositions in choral anthems
Are You Familiar With Songwriter Brenton Brown
Brenton Brown, originally from South Africa, found breakout success as a worship leader and songwriter as part of the Vineyard movement in the UK, writing several worship standards across multiple albums
The 3 Qualities Of Great Musicians
I want to be a good musician but even more important to me is to be an excellent worshipper first and a musician second. So here is my list of 3 important qualities of a great worshipper.
Isaac Watts
Isaac Watts is a great example of leadership, dedication, and putting talents in the service of God for worship. Let's take a look at his life and legacy.
ID Sankey
The study of history and historical figures are enriching to discover.  The practice provides clarity and context for our own […]
Online Church Coronavirus
Whether big or small, in the COVID-19 era, churches need to move to online online worship without social contact. Let's talk about how to make it possible.
This is how my viewpoint about Youth Choir radically changed in February of 2008 and everything I've learned there for the past 13 years.
Then He Rose_WS_Announcement Slide 5
What is the Field Street Worship Choir and Orchestra going to do to celebrate the resurrection of Christ?
By Billy Woods Let me challenge you today to think about your motives when it comes to your role in […]
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