I take a great deal of joyful responsibility in what we teach our church in the area of music and worship. Our pastor often jokes, that church attendees often forget what was preached on by the time they get to the parking lot to leave.  I believe it is human nature to forget. That’s why it is so important to attend church on a regular basis. We all forget! We forget who God is, we forget what was accomplished at Calvary, and we forget that we are called to be God’s Ambassadors.  

When we think of congregational singing, music and theology within the songs remain in our hearts and minds for a lifetime.  I recently had a conversation with one of our church members who told me, “Billy, most of the theology I learned was through hymns we sang when I was a child. Those great songs have served me well my entire life as a Christ-follower.”  I think many can relate to that truth. Therefore, what we do as a music ministry is very important. The songs we select, learn, and present are very important in the development of a congregations theology and understanding of who God is. 

 Last August, I attended the SING Conference presented by Keith & Kristen Getty (writers of “In Christ Alone”) and it has forced me to really think deeply about the question, “What am I teaching the church through music each week?”  

In this video, “Truth We Believe and Songs We Sing: How Important Is Theology in Worship?”, we hear a discussion about the vital role of theology in worship music with Keith Getty, Don Carson, and  Matt Boswell. 

I hope the short video helps you to understand how important your ministry of service through music is in the life of the church.  

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