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Hello everybody! 

In 1996, a young extremely introverted young man found himself thrust into a role in which made him immensely uncomfortable. I think we can all relate on some level; we all face difficult challenges in our lives that force us out of our comfort zone. This socially awkward and very shy young man found himself thrust into the center of a group of people who quickly became an encouraging support system that was extremely lacking in his life.  The group was a church choir. The young man was me. 

I learned so many lessons participating in a church music ministry.  First, I learned theology. The songs taught me truths of scripture that have shaped the way I live my life today. 

Second, I realized my need for a group of friends and supporters despite being very shy.  As a person who tends to retreat away from the crowd and prefer to be alone, this was a difficult change but a very needed one. 

Finally, along with these wonderful church musicians I was a part of creating musical moments that ministered to my heart and spirit each week.  I can relate with a quote from Gabriel Faure who once said, “For me, art, and especially music, exists to elevate us as far as possible above everyday existence.” Weekly corporate worship experiences with that church choir did create memorable worship experiences that caused my heart and mind to ponder the profound depths of Almighty God. 

Today I come to you with an invitation. An invitation to join with a similar group of people who so wonderfully impacted my life. 

At Field Street, the music ministry is embarking on a new project called, “Then He Rose”. Our group of singers truly fulfill their ministry role when new singers come in and recreate experiences that impacted me as a young man. 

Will you consider joining our Field Street Choir for seven rehearsals to prepare for a powerful worship experience focused on celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ? 

Beyond the immediate circle of the music ministry at Field Street, you will be enacting the gift of service to the church body as a whole. The music and worship ministry in the local church can be the most rewarding area of service.  

My invitation to you is to join us. Please find the link below receive more information about this project.  We want you to join us and in many cases, you need a group of people like the Worship Choir at Field Street.  Join us on this seven-week journey as we make much of Jesus Christ and His triumphant Resurrection. I think you will find that you will be positively impacted by the experience as well. 

I hope to see you at rehearsal each Wednesday evening at 7 pm.


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