Why do you still do Youth Choir? Wasn’t that a thing that was popular in the 1970s?

While I do not get this question often, I know it is a question many people think. I want to offer some thoughts from my own perspective that will hopefully answer that question.

  1. As a young person, church music changed my life. It kept me interested in the faith and involved in church life long enough to establish my own personal roots in my relationship with Christ. Church music was the avenue the Holy Spirit of God used to begin my walk with Him.
  2. As a young person, I did not have excellent musical experiences. I wish I had the opportunity to participate in YouthCUE festivals as a teenager. The Baylor Festival of Youth Choirs provides an exceptional opportunity for musical and spiritual growth for teenagers.
  3. Successful student choirs are countercultural communities of hospitality, joy, love, and acceptance. The student choir must become countercultural groups of friends who constantly work at bringing in new acquaintances from outside the choir. Without an outgoing and ongoing philosophy of recruiting the choir is left highly susceptible to the periodic devastation called graduation. But with a strong recruiting commitment in place, there is no reason most student choirs cannot continue to thrive and grow despite the cultural odds surrounding them.
  4. Students need positive peer groups to belong to. The student choir is a faith-based ministry of students who bond through music-making.
  5. Singing to the Lord is a clear commandment in scripture. The activity of choral singing has social, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.

I hope you will make it a point to affirm our teenagers and to encourage other young people to join us.

Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you wish to join

Billy Woods


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  1. […] Our group arrived on the campus of Baylor University in February 2008.  I entered Jones Hall and the many different church groups were assembling in the large auditorium. The students were instructed to come to the stage and fill the risers. When they began singing I was in complete awe that 6th through 12th graders could sound so good, sing quality literature from memory, and could present a unique and powerful worship experience through music. The experience changed me. […]

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