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If someone were to ask you, “Why is reading the Bible important for a Christian,” what would you say? 

Well, I’d start with the fact that the Bible is the single greatest piece of literature in existence on the earth. Even if you are not a believer in what the Bible says you cannot deny its influence on the world over the centuries. So the Bible is worth reading even if you are not a believer.  

But our beginning question was, “Why is reading the Bible important for a Christian?” 

I would offer some of these general thoughts. 

  1.  You find the source of hope for Christians in the Bible.
  2. The Bible is a source of instruction and inspiration for godly living. 
  3. The Bible is a source of knowledge. It will enhance your understanding of the world and human nature. 
  4. The Bible helps in spiritual development and strengthens our faith. 
  5. The Bible helps us understand who God is and our relationship with Him and to one another. 
  6. Christ tells His disciples to “abide in Me.”  The best way to abide in Christ? Spend time each day in personal prayer, the study of scripture, and worship. 

One way I find encouragement and inspiration in my Christian Journey is to sing the great promises of God! One of my favorite hymns is, “How Firm a Foundation.”  When you sing this hymn you are singing the promises of God back to Him in worship. 

The Great and Glorious promises of Scripture

We all need some encouragement from time to time!  How about singing the great promises of God! One of my favorite hymns is, “How to Firm a Foundation.” Check this out!

What worship songs help you in your walk with the Lord today? Leave a note in the comments below. 


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